Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lucinda Williams was in fine form last night at The Vogue. She looked great sporting dark hair and sounded absolutely impeccable. If you're Googling this in another city wondering if she's worth seeing live, she absolutely is. There wasn't a lot of in between songs chit-chat, mostly she just told us the name of the song and sung it beautifully. Buick 6 did a great job backing her up and really got the place rocking, especially near the end with fantastic renditions of Come On, Honey Bee, and Joy. She finished the encore with It's A Long Way to the Top (if you want to rock and roll). We don't know if other people consider her at the top but we do and last night she certainly proved that she can rock and roll.

While we love the facade of The Vogue, and we love that it is still there, we can't say it is our favorite place to see a concert. The combination of general admission and limited seating isn't for us but, for Lucinda, we were glad that we went.

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