Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get the Knots Out at The Wellness Space in Broad Ripple

The exterior taken from the much appreciated parking lot they have. The interior of one of the rooms.

We are frugal and tend to think of massage as a very rare treat but, after a visit to The Wellness Space, we've decided that we should have it done more regularly. Mrs. WYA! chose this cute place on Ferguson St. from the many choices in Indianapolis to get a massage because it was ranked so highly on Channel 6's A-List. She and a friend had appointments for a hot stone massage and an integrated massage. Tasha did the hot stone massage alternating between using her hands and warm smooth stones. Ashley provided the integrated massage focusing on the trouble spots with expert intensity. These were not the gentle, only what feels good kind of massages that your loved one might give you. Where there's a trouble area, the therapists got deep into it so there was that hurts-so-good type of feeling. They said that we would be sore later, which was true, and that a bath with apple cider vinegar would help. We always use epsom salts to soak in when our muscles are sore but we did like the apple cider vinegar bath. In addition to getting great massages, it was a really comfortable environment. We're not into pretension so we liked that it was in a beautiful old house, that the therapists were casual and easy-going, and that there was no heavy pressure selling for future appointments. Mrs. WYA! realizes now how therapeutic this is and will definitely be back to the Wellness Space (once the soreness subsides).

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