Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fairfax Beach at Lake Monroe

We were thinking about renting a condo on Monroe Lake for a little summer getaway for a few days but thought we'd like to scope out Fairfax Beach first to see what it was like. We were glad that we did. It's billed as "Indiana's Longest Beach" and, while we know this is not a state known for beaches, it wasn't as we expected. A lot of this is no doubt due to all of the recent rain. When we pulled up to the gate there was a sign that the beach was closed. As we drove by it, a few people were on it anyway. The water was high and there really wasn't a lot of beach to frolic on. So much for our "staycation" at a nearby beach. Maybe we'll set our sights on a secluded-in-the-woods cabin in southern Indiana now.

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