Monday, June 29, 2009

Jim Dandy- Noblesville, Indiana

Some of their classic ads:

Click the photos for larger images of the menu:

For you sugar cream pie fans, they have it here.

Day-glo selections from the salad/fruit bar:

The Wet Tenderloin:

Jim Dandy is so kitschy cute, how could we not stop in? We've passed this restaurant on Conner Street many times but we didn't make it in there until last week. Something about walking through the doors felt like we'd walked through a time machine and it reminded us of the kind of places our parents took us to in the 70s. This stands to reason since it has been here since 1964. Somehow, they've really managed to retain that feel and it was just nostalgic-rific to be there. Mr. WYA! had heard rumors of a "wet tenderloin" sandwich here so he knew what he was going to order. Mrs. WYA! was just hoping for a big chef salad but lucked out with a huge salad/fruit bar for $6.99. It had all the usual salad bar offerings along with sugar free chocolate pudding, several fruit options, cornbread muffins, and lime green Jell-o which was just perfect for this retro meal. We didn't have any but also noticed heartier options such as mashed potatoes, liver and onions, and fried chicken.

The "Wet Tenderloin" is a standard breaded tenderloin, served on a bun, and COVERED IN GRAVY! The tenderloin, completely hidden from view by the gravy, managed to retain that tenderloin crunch. The bun however, was obliterated by the gravy. Although the thought of gravy on a tenderloin is a little odd, the savory beefy gravy really worked on this sandwich. Caution: this is not a neat sandwich; if you pick it up, you will have gravy hands. We got the basket, which came with fries and coleslaw, but you can also get it with the salad bar.

2301 Conner St.
Noblesville, IN 46060

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mheidelberger said...

Wow! Haven't been to a Jim Dandy in ages. I wonder if the one in Greenfield is still there?

WYA! said...

The Greenfield one is still listed on their website.

Tom said...

nice! I used to go up there with my Dad to meet one of his friends and enjoy - as memory serves me - a breakfast buffet... mmmm.

WYA! said...

They still have that breakfast bar Tom!

Anonymous said...

Wet Tenderloin?! Get out of town!! Was it white gravy or brown? Couldn't tell form the pic.

WYA! said...

It was a brown gravy.

Anonymous said...

what a great post

now I gotta go there this weekend !