Sunday, February 24, 2008

You too can be off for some fun in the sun

We are taking a few days to bask in the sun of South Beach, Miami and Key West. However, don't despair because you too could be off to a sunny destination for less than you think. Check out the destinations at The closest airports to Indiana are Chicago and Columbus, OH but, if you score one of the $10 tickets, it might be worth the drive. That's right, they offer 10 $10 seats on every flight! Sure, a lot of the process is automated (aren't the big airlines like that too?), a Coke might cost extra as might checking a bag but, at a price like that, it sounds like it is worth it. It can't be worse than the experience that we get in coach with the big carriers and it sounds a whole lot more reasonable. If you can't get away right now, we'll be back in a few days to give you some ideas on how to bring vacation to you.

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WYA! said...

Evidently $10 tickets weren't a good business move as Skybus announced that it is ceasing operations.