Thursday, February 14, 2008

As if I didn't spend enought time at the computer, now they do this....

I'm really looking forward to the day when your PC and the television are the same gadget, and that day is getting closer. The big networks are now putting many of their current shows on their websites, available for viewing the day after broadcast.

Now NBC has done them one better. Go to , they now have CLASSIC NBC shows available for viewing, and by classic, I mean Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Night Gallery (the Rod Serling series after Twilight Zone), Battlestar Galactica (the fun one, if you don't like the dark, gloomy, nihilistic Sci-Fi series) and the always fun Buck Rogers. They even have Miami Vice and The A-Team available.

Go retro and enjoy some classic TV, but if you watch at work and get caught, don't blame me.

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