Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mr. Dans 46th and Keystone

The local weekly Nuvo ran a review of Mr.Dans, a rehabbed Taco Bell that now serves as an independent burger joint, and as I'm a sucker for independent restaurants, I had to run out and try it.

Nuvo was very impressed and complimentary, and although I hate to be negative to local businesses, I wasn't impressed.

The area is marginal, and parking is scant. Street parking on Keystone does not exist. I found a place to park on a neighboring street and stolled over. Entering the building, there is a sign that specifially says "no profanity", so I get the feeling the crowd may get a little rowdy for my taste. The restaurant was crowded, with a line from the counter, and the small amount of tables were occupied by people that seemed like they had finished their food long ago.

The counter staff was cordial and efficient, which was nice. The young lady at the counter seemed almost glad to see me, and took my order graciously, the young man cooking the food would periodically advise the crowd to move away from the door, so new patrons could enter.

I ordered the tenderloin ($2.99) and fries ($1.59), all food is cooked to order, so there is a several minute wait. I received my to-go order a few minutes later, and drove north to the Glendale Mall to enjoy my food in their quiet parking lot.

The tenderloin was generous in diameter, but not in thickness. There was a prevalent grease taste in both the tenderloin and the soggy fries, the greasy aftertaste remains in my mouth even now.

My tab was just shy of $5, and left me feeling violated on a cellular level. If you just have to have a tenderloin, let me recommend Eddies at Geist ( has the best tenderloin I have ever eaten, and for $8.95, you can get the sandwich and a delicious side of sweet potato fries.

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