Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Really special last minute Valentine's Day gift

Please don't even think about picking up that gold rose at the gas station in your panic over not having a Valentine's Day gift to give yet. We ran across this website in an article in USA Today and a gift certificate from would be a really meaningful present. It looks like Oprah and Bill Clinton have already discovered it, which gives it a more legitimate presence. Entrepreneurs from around the globe need loans and you will see their profiles on the Kiva website. You pick the entrepreneur (or entrepreneurs- Kiva suggests spreading your risk with multiple businesses), loan the money via Paypal, receive updates about the businesses, and receive repayment to withdrawal or re-loan. A gift certificate can be emailed for that recipient who realizes what an abundance we have here and appreciates what a difference a small amount can make to someone else. You could even choose a business based on your recipient's interests- clothing, baked goods, crafts, etc. Isn't this the way the world is supposed to work anyway- helping each other out on a personal level?

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