Friday, February 15, 2008

Meridian Restaurant (former Dodd's Townhouse)

While Dodd's Townhouse restaurant was a favorite down home type of Indianapolis eatery, the Meridian restaurant, which has beautifully transformed the former Dodd's building, offers an atmosphere of comfortable elegance. It seems to be a welcome change since a recent visit there for lunch led us to eat in the bar because the dining room was so busy (sure, it was Valentine's Day but was anyone else besides us celebrating that at lunchtime?). No matter, the high tables in the cozy bar area suited us just fine.
We started with the hummus, fava, white bean trio which came with flatbread. Our server, seeing that we still had hummus left after the flatbread was gone, graciously brought us some more. It was a great, light appetizer with a nice rosemary accent. We had the lobster pot pie which was served in a small crock with a flaky phyllo dough disk on top. When we say "small crock" we aren't admonishing the size of the entree- it was the perfect size for the rich bechamel sauce dish. We enjoyed the T.E.D. sandwich even more. This is Thanksgiving dinner between pieces of bread; turkey, stuffing, cranberries- it was all there and so well seasoned. It was a generous size and also came with a side of crisp fries. We are suckers for independent restaurants and are happy to report that this is a great culinary destination on historic Meridian St.
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