Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bialys on Sunday!

After trips to Manhattan, we mourned that we don't have the cultural diversity here in Central Indiana that helps make cities like New York so vibrant and brimming with the thrill of discovery. Finding out that Bagel Fair, nestled in the Nora Shopping Center on 86th St., offers bialys on Sundays perked our spirits. What is a bialy? Well, it is similar to a bagel but it is baked and has a depression in the middle instead of a hole. The depression is where goodies like poppyseeds, onions and garlic go before baking. The name comes from the name of the city in Poland, Bialystok (not Zero Mostel's character in The Producers as you may have been thinking). We love Bagel Fair for its authentic, bare bones feel. You don't go there for ambience and there is no seating. It is a great excuse to head to the Nora Shopping Center on Sunday mornings; be the first one in Target to pick up the sale items you spotted in that morning's ad, work up an appetite on the Monon Trail, and pick up a bialy at Bagel Fair. For $1, it is a bargain trip for your taste buds to the Lower East Side.

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John Ferringer said...

Just to let you know, you can get fresh bialys seven days a week at the Bagel Deli in Broad Ripple :)

They're excellent, and my wife and I love Ken & Sue the owners. It's a great locally-owned business that really understands how to build a relationship with their customers.

WYA! said...

Suh-weet!! Thanks for the heads up! We have visited that deli but failed to notice the bialys. They are always super friendly there (and generous with the biscuits and gravy samples).