Monday, April 20, 2009

Wing'n It- 79th & Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN

Notice that the wings are so drenched in goodness that they just put a roll of paper towels on the tables.
Honey Mustard Wings:

Onion Strings:

Chef's Salad:

We used to live near Wing'n It and we're glad to see that it is still there and, more importantly, that the wings as as good as ever.

Mr. WYA! enjoyed the Number 2 Combo: 10 wings of any flavor with a side of either fries or onion strings and a beverage. His favorite permutation of the special is the honey mustard wings paired with onion strings. The wings are drenched in a tasty honey mustard sauce which, as far as we know, isn't a sauce available at any of the big wing chains. Mr. WYA! likes to finish this combo by drowning the remaining onion strings in the residual honey mustard sauce. They have the typical wing sauce flavors also, but the honey mustard and garlic flavors are really unique. Mrs. WYA! isn't a wing fan so she was grateful to see that they still have a Chef's Salad on the menu. Our server actually told us that their menu is changing which is why they didn't have any carry-out menus available but she did say the menu is on their website.

Could the cosmetics of the place use sprucing up? Sure. Are the wings so good you really don't care that much about cosmetics? Absolutely.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, this makes me hungry. I have been a few times to Wing'n It and it is a solid place for sure. IMO, better than Wings, Etc. and Buffalo Wild Wings.