Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cheap Thrills at Old Time Pottery

There are rows and rows of glassware:
Colorful candle holders:

Retro Coca-Cola glasses:
Bargain tea light holders:

We've seen Old Time Pottery's ads for so long in the Sunday paper that we decided to finally go browse at the store. It's a huge, warehouse-like space the runs the gamut from Christmas decorations to sheets. We treated it like a treasure hunt and walked away with a few purchases including a generous wine glass ($1.49), a large glass tea light holder ($1.50) and a smaller red tea light holder ($1.00). They also had a lot of items for outdoor entertaining (we picked up a decorative solar light) and, besides all of the glassware, they had a wide selection of sets of dishes which you might keep in mind as a gift if you have any June brides to buy for this year.
8811 Hardegan St.
Indianapolis, IN 46227


Stacy said...

Another fun place to shop! :) Have you been in to Flower Factory??

WYA! said...

We haven't- thanks for the tip. We would have thought that maybe it was just a faux flower place but we see from their website that they have all kinds of things. We'll put it on our list!