Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A cool necklace from a local jewelry maker at Gallery 116

As Rebecca recently noted, the WWII phrase Keep Calm and Carry On has been popping up everywhere lately. We are usually turned off by overexposed trends but, when we got an email from Gallery 116 showing necklaces that Fishers artist Amy Bell made with that phrase, Mrs. WYA! just had to have one. Gallery 116 is such a lovely place to shop. A lot of the necklaces were tempting (especially with prices around $22 for some) but we stuck with what we went there for and bought this pretty necklace for only $25. To top it off, instead of a boring bag the cashier put it in a pretty pink gauzy pouch. What a nice touch.


Amy Bell said...

thank you for the post! wow! i am so excited to meet you all. what a great blog...i have been reading and reading...

thanks again!
amy bell

WYA! said...

THANK YOU AMY for the gorgeous (and inspiring) necklace.