Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Acropolis Restaurant- Indianapolis, IN

Spanakopita entree:

Gyros Platter:

Mmmmmmmmmmm, Greek Coffee:

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We hadn't planned on eating lunch out on Saturday, but the Acropolis was so cute, we had to stop in for a bite. It was really cute on the inside too. We asked the server how long it had been there and she said since 1989. It probably looks about the same as it did 20 years ago but we found that to be what charmed us about it. We had a nice meal with all of the sides that we love. We enjoyed the gyros platter, which came with a generous amount of delicious meat piled high on pita bread with a mound of tzatziki sauce, and the spanakopita entree. The spanakopita was a teensy bit soggy but still good. Both meals came with a salad, a basket of bread, those delicious Greek green beans, and those equally delicious Greek-style potatoes. For lovers of strong coffee, the Greek coffee is a must. You can get it with varying levels of sweetness- we chose mildly sweet and loved it. We were so glad that we let spontaneity rule and walked into the Acropolis.
1625 E. Southport Rd.
Indianapolis, IN

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mheidelberger said...

I like this place; definitely one of the best restaurants that far south. Santorini's in Fountain Square is probably my favorite, but the Acropolis is probably second.