Thursday, April 9, 2009

$99 heart scans at St. Vincent Hospital

You just can't tell by looking at someone if they have heart disease. That point was driven home again to us recently by a fit acquaintance and Mr. WYA! was glad that he gone to St. Vincent Hospital a couple of months ago and found out that he has a healthy heart. For only $99, they offer a painless and quick scan.

You make your appointment ahead of time and register and pay when you get there. The extremely cordial staff guides you back to the scanning room where you don't even need to get undressed. You lie in a tube for a few minutes and you are done. Within minutes, one of their cheery and knowledgeable staff members meets you with your results. It is pain free (except for the fact that you can't ingest any caffeine from the time you go to bed the night before until the test is complete; mercifully, the hospital cafe is right there with fresh brewed Starbucks).

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for the link! I'll pass it along to my dad. For $99, it's too important *not* to do.