Tuesday, April 21, 2009

White River Architectural Salvage & Antiques

We don't have an old house so we don't need to find rare replacements for fixtures nor do we have a good place to put an old discount store coin operated merry-go-round but, we love to browse at White River Architectural Salvage and Antiques store. We actually have purchased little things in the past like framed art and a couple of tin ceiling pieces (which we made into a clock and a picture frame). This time though, we didn't buy anything but just enjoyed exploring the place and taking some pictures to tell you about it in case you haven't been there. They make us want to buy a huge barn or an old church to live in so we can have room for the great old bars and old church doors and confessionals that they have. Pictured here are some cool stained glass pieces, a gorgeous art deco bar, and some great old signs that they have out front. The place is sprawling and there are treasures inside and outside. Plus, whether we buy something or not, the employees are always very friendly to us. Be sure to carve some time out one afternoon and visit this great place.

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