Friday, August 1, 2008

Mo'Joe Coffeehouse

Oh we loved Mo'Joe Coffeehouse! We just basked in the ambiance of an independent coffeehouse. Here is why it became an instant classic in our minds:

1. It is sprawling! You feel like you have lots of room to spread out and linger.
2. Good music- on Sunday morning the blues was hitting the spot.
3. Darn good coffee- the blend of the day for regular and decaf was Sumatra and it was good and strong for both versions.
4. There are games around for you to play and a nice little art kit with a big book of blank pages. Even if you don't feel like doodling, it is fascinating to see what others have drawn and written.
It is on W. Michigan St. so it is a very handy caffeine source for hardworking IUPUI students. But, even if you don't live or work near here, Mo'Joe Coffeehouse is on of those destination joints. You will feel a little bit cooler just for being there.

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