Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eagle Creek Coffee Company- Ft. Harrison

First of all, we are so glad that this "interurban station" (as our old postcard calls it) is not only still standing but actually in use. It has gone through several owners but is now part of the Eagle Creek Coffee family. Luckily for the workers at the Fort Harrison Finance Center, and others along this stretch of 56th Street, there is a lot more here than coffee. There is a big banner out front promoting that they have "Judge's BBQ" so we decided to give that a try. If it looks a bit messy in the picture, it is because you get to apply your own BBQ sauce. We were given our sandwich and directed to the bottles of BBQ at the condiment station. There was a spicy sauce and a sweet sauce. We went with sweet on our sandwich but got a little container of spicy just to see how it tasted. The spicy one had a nice kick and the sweet one was delicious on our extremely tender chicken. The employee kindly asked how our sandwich was and, when we told him how good both sauces were, he said that he mixes the two on his which seems like a pretty good idea. Our iced teas were great and obviously freshly brewed. As for the coffee, we drink it black so we can't comment on the many fancy coffee drinks that you can get. We can say that if you find that the Starbucks style of coffee is too strong for you, you might like the coffee here better. On the wipe-off board that was promoting the day's specials there was written "sweet potato pie" but alas, when we asked about it we were told that they were out until later in the week. We'll be back to try that in the future.

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Kevin said...

Old train stations rock, and Judge's is good BBQ, so I should check that place out. I've seen it from 56th Street, but never have had time to stop in.