Monday, August 4, 2008

Indianapolis Zoo

So what got us to the zoo on a recent Sunday? We couldn't resist seeing the Koalas who are only there until September 1st. We aren't really sure if animals enjoy being in a zoo, but we certainly have a nice zoo here in Indy. We loved the sea lions, the lemurs, the penguins, the meerkats, and we really liked the tank where you can pet the sharks. That was new to us since we had been there last. We also luckily happened to be by the elephant area when it was elephant bathing time which was really fun to see. We really liked going to the lower level of the dolphin pavilion where they swim all around you. However, when did the dolphin show get so preachy? We got there nearly 30 minutes early, ended up being packed in like sardines, only to get a lecture for 15 minutes about recycling and throwing away litter while the dolphins did their jumps and waves. Um, we kind of thought we'd learn about dolphins. The Koalas were a little disappointing too because they sleep about 22 hours a day so they were sleeping with their faces buried in foliage the 2 times that we went by them. Also, the glass that they were behind seemed to have an especially bad glare making it hard to see and/or get pictures (so we took pictures of the cute stuffed ones that you can buy). Don't get us wrong, we like our zoo and most of the exhibits were great and we love the landscaping and the layout of it. Sometimes, we take it for granted since it is in our own town.

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