Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chicken in a Biskit

For some reason, Chicken in a Biskit crackers came up in conversation recently and we couldn't get them out of our heads until we bought a box. They are one of the very few foods from our childhood that tasted EXACTLY as we remembered them. It got us to wondering, who ever thought of a chicken flavored cracker? Evidently, it was the Australians. They were launched by Nabisco in Australia in 1968 along with French onion, Sip'n Chips, and cheese flavors. The Australian Nabisco line now also offers Vegemite in a Biskit. Yikes! Have you ever had vegemite? Anyway, what a retro fun snack.

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stuartfanning said...

Actually the original Australian version of Chicken in a Biskit is crispier and more chickeny that the US version. Here's what the Aussie box looks like.