Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Warm Glow Candle Outlet- Centerville, Indiana

It's not hard to spot their sign right off of the exit ramp...

...or the gigantic candle at their storefront.

There was a cool little pond with some mighty big fish at the front of the store:

We love the autumnal decor:

We're trying to put off thinking about Christmas as much as possible and enjoying the fabulous time between now and Thanksgiving but, for those of you into the Christmas stuff, they had a lot of it.

Some of the gourmet food items:

There were a lot of batch and body products:

Pies at their Stone Hearth Cafe:

Some of our loot:

OK, this is really a misnomer because this is a candle outlet on steroids. We were expecting a hole in the wall room with misshapen candles but Warm Glow is a sprawling store that has not only candles but also food items such as dip mixes, dipping oils, and cute little log cabin containers of real maple syrup, bath and body products, pet products, handbags, home decor items and we're sure we're forgetting some things. It was pretty overwhelming. They even have a little restaurant in there with some really good looking pies. That's actually pretty clever marketing on their part because so many of their candles are food scented that you start to get pretty hungry after sniffing a few. We ended up buying some Wassail ($5.95) to have for the holidays, some fancy pet shampoo ($10.95), a candle ($3.50), some gift items, and a couple of boxes of long matches in cute boxes ($2.95). We were tempted by some of the lotions like the Chai scented Naked Bee one but we couldn't bring ourselves to pay $15.95 for it. We originally took some more candles to the check-out but the clerk asked us if we knew that they were wickless candles. Wickless candles??????? What the heck?? We did not realize that and were grateful that she checked with us. Evidently, there is some sort of potpourri burner that those go in despite the fact that they looked like votives to us. So, instead of hunting up candles with wicks in those scents we just decided to omit those scents for this trip. We might have to go back for the Northern Pine one near December though- it was the perfect holiday scent.

Warm Glow is very conveniently right off of I-70 at Exit 145.

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Eternal Lizdom said...

Oh... I think the trip would be worth it just for the pies...