Friday, September 18, 2009

Scenes from... Centerville, Indiana

There are several arches along Main Street; many have plaques with dates and names.

How perfect, a classic car on Main Street:

The Old Salisbury Courthouse just behind Mansion House on Main Street. Built in 1811, it was Wayne County's first seat of justice:

It's always fun to browse at White River Architectural Salvage:

We're Chester Morris fans so, while we really wanted this huge poster, we were pretty sure it was out of our budget, pretty sure we'd have to rent a flatbed trailer to get it home, and pretty sure we don't have a wall big enough for it.

On North Morton Avenue:

The school mascot must be the Bulldog because we saw lots of Bulldog pride around town. This statue was in the park off of Morton Avenue:

We definitely recommend a stop at the Centerville Farmers' Market. While there was some fresh produce, there was even more cute home decor items and private label foods like jars of marinated mushrooms, lots of pickled treats, and some delicious dill garlic that we bought.

Mums and pumpkins: a classic Autumn combo. We bought pumpkins and an awesome gourd that was only $1.

Here are some of the cute things that they have for the home:

Their private label soda- we liked the root beer:

They had a whole Christmas room:

As we walked Centerville's Main Street and took pictures, we really felt like we could be on assignment for a publication like Midwest Living. It's just so darn picturesque that it seemed like it would be gracing the pages of a glossy magazine. We're sure that once the fall foliage starts to hit its peak, it will be an especially perfect time to visit so we're giving you a heads up early so you can plan an autumn trip here.

After you visit Webb's and the Warm Glow Candle Outlet, you'll want to stroll a few blocks along Main Street to browse at the shops, see all of the Federal Style architecture, and maybe even grab a bite at the Brown Jug or Blue Monkey. It's an easy trip from Indy; you take a right at Exit 145 off of I-70, immediately to the left is the Warm Glow Candle outlet so you can hit that then or on the way home, 2.5 miles south from the exit is Webb's. From Webb's, you can walk or drive down the road (Centerville Road which becomes Morton Avenue), definitely stop in at the Centerville Farmer's Market & Country Store, and before you know it you are at Main Street. White River Architectural Salvage is at the corner of Morton and Main. We love their Indianapolis store so we had to stop in and browse this smaller version. There are a few shops on Main (and don't miss Mockingbird Antiques on Morton just south of the Main Street intersection) and, for architecture buffs, a lot of cool buildings to see. The Historic Centerville website has a great brochure that you can print to make your own walking tour. While there are some Italianate and Greek Revival styles represented, there are more Federal styles which we don't really remember running across much in our Indiana travels. They really give the place a sense of history; some of them date back to 1830.

Centerville is just way to close to Indy (65 miles from our east side home) and way too cute to miss.


Kevin said...

I love Federal style, perhaps because it is so rare in Indiana. Another place that has a decent amount of it is Lawrenceburg. But I think Centerville has the best representation. Great post (and you see why people didn't want you to stop blogging.)

WYA! said...

Oh thanks so much Kevin. We'll have to check out Lawrenceburg.

Rebecca said...

The houses look so unusual for Indiana. Interesting! I'd never heard of Centerville, but now it's on my "must visit" list. Thanks!