Monday, September 28, 2009

Lustron Homes in Fort Wayne, Indiana

This month's Midwest Home magazine has an article about a "Lustrous Lustron" home in Minneapolis, MN but there are plenty in Indiana. As it so happens, there are several Lustron homes within walking distance of Mrs. WYA!'s parents' house so those are the ones highlighted here. Lustron homes were post WWII prefabricated porcelain-enameled steel houses made for those who wanted a low maintenance home. We've never been inside one but we think that they are intriguing. These are in a lovely older neighborhood in Fort Wayne so we recommend spending a gorgeous afternoon or morning making your own walking tour to see them.

4105 S. Webster:

316 W. Fleming:

415 W. Maplegrove Avenue:


mheidelberger said...

I think there's a few of these left on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

WYA! said...

Yes, when we have time (maybe in November), we'll try to post about some of the Indy ones.

baikinange said...

Kessler and Crittenden is one of my faves. I knew someone who lived in one, she hung all her pictures up with very strong magnets.