Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Space Music Finds

Occasionally we get emails from marketers and individuals wanting us to promote things on the blog. Generally we just delete them unless it is something that genuinely grabs our interest. The music of local artist Pres Maxson we do genuinely like. Take a listen on his MySpace page (where you can also download the songs for free).

We also recently checked out another musician's MySpace page because a paper that we picked up in Columbus, Ohio had an article about her comparing her to an angry Patsy Cline. How could we not listen to Lydia Loveless after reading that? We are looking forward to her first CD.


Kevin said...

Check out Wye Oak. Saw them at Oranje. Their sound pulled me towards them from a good distance away. Very good stuff.

WYA! said...

Will do- thanks.