Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hook's Drug Store Museum & Soda Fountain- Indianapolis, IN

While we were at the State Fairgrounds for the fair, we popped into the Hook's Museum and were reminded of what a cute place it is. The soda fountain was bustling so we didn't get a chance to enjoy that, but it is always fun to browse at the antique drugstore items along with the new candies and trinkets that you can buy. Their website says that they are open on "selected weekends" so, if you missed them at fair time, you might want to give them a call to see when you can visit.

Yikes- Goblin soap!

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nora said...

I love all of the historic stuff in the Hook's museum. And Wendy Reed of Artsy Phartzy (the late great store in Broad Ripple) fame is now in charge of the candies and toys they sell at the museum. Looking for a Mallow Cup or Zagnut bar - that is your place.