Sunday, January 20, 2008

Inspiring Indianapolis yoga teachers

If you've been practicing long enough to consider yourself intermediate/advanced, join Gina's class at Invoke Studio (970 Ft. Wayne Ave. across from Red Cross). It is only on Saturdays and it is an intense 2 hours but you'll come out of it having worked every muscle and having wrung every bit of tension that your body was holding onto. You'll also feel better about yourself and your life. Come early- the class will be full. Saturdays at 10AM.
You wouldn't have to be quite as advanced to try Sarah's class at Cityoga (936 Indiana Ave.)however it is still a challenging all levels class. She has a wonderfully flowy style and uses beautiful imagery. Picturing a frog by a pond really does help take your mind off of the fact that you have been on one leg for an extended time. Sundays at 2PM.

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