Friday, January 25, 2008

Discovering mosaics thanks to the Indianapolis Art Museum

I just finished a mosaic class that was held at the Indianapolis Art Museum. If you have any creative inclinations at all, check out their website for class offerings. They are reasonably priced and, a plus for commitment-phobes, short term ( This one was 3 Thursdays for 2 hours each class. A mosaic project is good even for those who don't consider themselves that artistic. Patience is the most important trait that you should possess since gluing the tiles is time consuming. This website ( is where the IMA got most of their supplies. All you need is your project piece (which the website sells), tiles, glue, a nipper to cut tiles, and grout. If the cold days have you daydreaming about spring and planning your garden, these projects will pleasantly fill your time and a garden would be a great spot for some of the pieces.

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