Monday, January 21, 2008

Great teahouse is back

For fans of the Moroccan Tea Company that was formerly on Boulevard Place, the same owners have opened International Tea and Coffee on Virginia Ave. It is in the Fletcher Place Neighborhood which is just before the Fountain Square neighborhood when coming from downtown. It is in a stunning old building with soaring windows and beautifully decorated with bright furniture and original art. It is impossible not to feel like a cool urbanite in this setting. On top of that, they have a wide array of teas and a great food menu. If your thought of a teahouse conjures up floral print tableclothes and precious teacups with saucers filled with the Lipton tea you had as a child, bury those preconceptions here.
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WYA! said...

Great! Thank you so much, I went to their Boulevard location all of the time, I'm so glad they re-opened

baikinange said...

Thanks for this information! I really enjoyed their tea selection and salmon cakes, and was sorry to see it had disappeared. I will definitely visit the new location. I like your blog, and will be back again.