Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Strawtown Koteewi Park- Noblesville, Indiana

For us, it wasn't a hard choice this weekend between facing shopping crowds or taking a walk outside. We decided to take a break from our Ft. Harrison State Park routine and head north to the Kotweewi Park in Noblesville. While it isn't as woodsy as Ft. Harrison, the north and south loops had their own beauty and provided ample walking. We walked both loops and we walked for about an hour and 45 minutes. It was very quiet and not crowded at all which was quite nice.

There's not a lot of color outdoors right now so we were grateful for these greens and reds:

We like the contrast of the white on the trees:

The path was a little muddy but not too bad. It's a multi-use trail so bikers, walkers, and joggers are welcome.

Part of the path leads you under Strawtown Avenue:


AmericanDirt said...

If I were better versed in my invasive species, I'd claim that the greenery you saw with the berries was a cluster of amur honeysuckle. Apparently this time of year we should be seeing NO herbaceous plants that still sprout leaves along the banks of waterways. But it does make for a nice contrast!

WYA! said...

Thanks for the plant info! We found out that the bumpy round thing is called a "hedge apple". We saw so many of those hedge apples on our walk there and, this weekend, we actually saw them for sale at an antique store. We should have picked some up- they would make for pretty, natural decor.