Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scenes from... Arcadia, Indiana

We braved the cold on Saturday to roam a couple of small towns and take pictures. It was absolutely worth it to see the cute buildings in Arcadia's downtown. Some of the buildings need some love but it is a very quaint Main Street. Arcadia has an arts initiative and their Arcadia Arts logo is displayed outside of artisans shops such as the Hedgehog Music Showcase, Scrappin for Schools, and Tabby Tree Weaver.

We love small town Christmas decorations.

On Washington Street, just off of Main Street, we stumbled upon the adorable Arcadia Cushman Company. We admit that we had never heard of Cushman Scooters but we peeked in the windows and they are very cute. The building is quite eye-catching with the scooter sticking out from the facade.

The railroad crossing on Main Street:


Kevin said...

Nice. That first building is pretty stunning for such a small town.

Eternal Lizdom said...

That's the area my husband is from! Arcadia / Cicero. It is interesting to see it from your perspective instead of his!

WYA! said...

Ah yes, we would have stopped in Cicero to get a couple of pictures but A. we were really cold and B. we were trying to make it home in time for "Holiday Affair" on TCM. We'll try to get back there and give Cicero some blog love too.

hullart77 said...

Nice old buildings, I would like to add them to my collection when I get up that way.