Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scenes from... Westfield, Indiana

We had never visited Westfield before a couple of weekends ago and we found it to be absolutely adorable. It was a frigid day but we managed to take some photos.

The Westfield Antique Mall (800 E. Main Street) has 2 big floors of treasures:

Stitches & Scones- what a great combination:

Downtown architecture:

We've heard good things about Marlow's but didn't have time to stop and try it this time.

Some gorgeous old homes that look like they have been there for awhile:


Kobi said...

Thanks for visiting Westfield!

Make sure you make time next time to try some of our locally owned and operated restaurants :-D

And the Historical Museum (established 2008) is pretty neat too to learn about the unique history of Westfield...

WYA! said...

Will do- thanks for the tip!