Monday, October 5, 2009

Sesame Restaurant- Indianapolis, Indiana

We were the only diners a little after noon.

Egg drop soup, chips, and hot and sour soup:

Vegetarian "duck":

Triple Delight:

We had a fine enough lunch at the Chinese restaurant Sesame but we just expected something a little different after reading reviews on Yelp. Specifically, we thought the menu would be a little different, particularly regarding vegetarian options that were mentioned on Yelp. The lunch options seemed to be the usual Chinese restaurant suspects. Mr. WYA! ordered the Triple Delight lunch special which was shrimp, beef, and chicken with vegetables, a choice of steamed or fried rice, an eggroll, and choice of soup for only $4.95. Mrs. WYA!, intent on ordering a "mock meat", ordered the "Vegetarian Duck" (tofu) off of the dinner menu. It also came with a choice of rice and soup and was only $7.50 for a huge portion that could easily be a meal for two.

The hot and sour soup and the egg drop soup were both very good and had unique touches that made them stand out to us. The egg drop soup had corn kernels which were a nice addition. The hot and sour soup had a bit of a creamier broth than we're used to and it was delicious. They also came with the classic Chinese restaurant crunchy chips. The Triple Delight was good. The Vegetarian Duck, tofu wrapped around mushrooms with a brown sauce and some carrots and snow peas mixed in with it, was fine but not something that we'd crave enough to make a point of driving across town to get. The soups however, might be worth the trip.
1413 W. 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46260

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bhorg said...

This place will substitute tofu or seitan for any of their dishes. Awesome for vegan/vegetarians.

My favorite dish is the Vegetarian Kung Pao.

The vegetable soup is soooo delicious! I wish this restaurant was closer to home, I'd eat there more often!

Anonymous said...

It is my go to place for cheap Chinese. Schezuan Beef, Mongolian Beef, Garlic pork are all very tasty. It is my favorite Hot and Sour in the city. If you see something you like on the dinner menu, they will make you a lunch portion. I think the service is awesome. They were formerly Cheng Du (I was a regular) and when they opened Sesame, I went during the first week and they made 2 extra courses for us as treats and gave us the meal for free!

Imo, the food is far superior than the competition around them, top level service and all for about $5.00!

I think I would cry if they closed.

WYA! said...

Good to know that about the substitutions bhorg- thanks.