Thursday, October 29, 2009

Serenity Restaurant- Zionsville, Indiana

Pumpkin Soup:

Fig and Walnut Salad:

Hobo Panini:

Even though we hadn't been there before, Mrs. WYA! felt confident choosing Serenity Restaurant as the place to treat her friend to lunch because we had enjoyed the owner's other restaurant, Serendipity, so much. There's no place like Zionsville on a brisk Autumn day and there's no place like Serenity to duck into and feel cozy. It is in a restored 1868 home so the atmosphere is historic and refined without being stuffy and we couldn't have enjoyed our lunches more. We can't speak highly enough about the pumpkin soup. It was thick and flavorful and is now on our "must have at least once in the soup season" list. We also enjoyed the Fig and Walnut Salad (which comes with one of their delicious scones) and the Hobo Panini. A lovely setting, an especially gracious hostess, and good food- we have really enjoyed both of our experiences at these Occasions Divine restaurants and are happy to see that they have 2 new locations in their plans (one in Fishers and one in Greenwood).

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Anonymous said...

The venue is charming and the food is creative and well prepared. For a tea house, however, I expected my tea to be served in a pot instead of the coffee mug I received - with no refills offered. I had to hunt the server down multiple times to clear the dishes, to order dessert and then to get the check.The worst offense was the owner of this establishment. Her cell phone kept ringing loudly and she answered it, talking so loudly in the small dining area that we all became part of her tirades about her personal business and it was impossible to hold private conversations.It is a shame, because there is great potential with sucha delightful location and food offerings.