Thursday, October 1, 2009

Broadway Street- Fort Wayne, Indiana

After we finished our photo assignment down South Calhoun Street in Fort Wayne, we decided to make our way back south via the equally interesting Broadway Street.

The laundry is boarded up but, thankfully, the cute Canton Laundry sign is still on Broadway between Washington and Jefferson:

The Brass Rail at 1121 Broadway- we like like old soda signs:

Looking south on Broadway from the intersection at Jefferson. It's nice to see a building getting some love, the pretty home of Beadrageous next to it, Antiques on Broadway, and another shot of the Brass Rail:

Aaron's Oriental Rug Gallery at 1217 Broadway (since 1973).
This gorgeous Old Fire Station Number 5 was built in 1893 and used as an active station until 1959:

The GE plant has a huge presence along Broadway:

The building at 1209 Broadway is fascinating. There isn't a business name on it but it looks like an antique shop and it did have a closed sign in the front door. The outside is very cool with lots of artsy embellishments. It is quite intriguing:

Durnell's has been there since 1950 (and yet, we've never been there). We don't know how long Broadway Joe's Tavern has been beside it but for quite a while judging from their adorable neon sign:

The building at the far left (2441 Broadway) used to be a theatre, was renovated into the lovely Catablu restaurant, and is now home to the Philmore on Broadway, a music and events venue with plans to have jazz several nights a week. The building on the far right has the name Eckrich on it which makes us wonder if it was owned by a member of the Eckrich Meats family.

Here's the lovely side of Chappell's restaurant with an advertisement for Otto Peters Drug Store. The drug store is long gone but we love that this painting has survived. Peters was Carole Lombard's real last name (born Jane Alice Peters) so we wonder if this was a relation.
Fort Wayne Mirror Works at 2829 Broadway:
Wildwood Liquors at 3019 Broadway:
Candlelight Antiques at 3205 Broadway is a really nice little antique shop:


Kevin said...

The Fort isn't lacking for bars, is it?

Ok, I'm going south of downtown next time I'm there. This is the problem with impressions and prejudices: my parents always referred to the the south side as the bad side of town, so I never went exploring. By the time I reached my current urban explorer mindset, I had already moved out.

I wasn't left with the best impression of Fort Wayne. But my problem with Fort Wayne isn't the city itself, but the anonymous suburbs that I always find myself in when I'm there.

WYA! said...

Yea, there are a lot of little treasures. I grew up on the south side near McMillen Park. It wasn't great then and, unfortunately, it has gotten worse and a lot of the landmarks of my childhood are gone and I didn't capture them. When you're a kid, you don't think of wanting a picture of that store sign that you see everyday or the coffee shop in the Southtown Mall Penney's or the awesome Walgreen's restaurant that used to be in Southtown too. -Mrs. WYA!