Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scenes from... Parkview Field in Fort Wayne, Indiana

We'll preface this by saying that we are not baseball fans. However, once every few years or so, we head to a cute minor league ball park and take in the atmosphere. Usually it is at Victory Field but, this past weekend, it was the new Parkview Field in Fort Wayne. The previous stadium was on the north side of town but Parkview Field is downtown. With a new stadium, there generally comes controversy over whether it really needed to be built. We're not aware of all of the financial implications for the city so we can't really weigh in on that. What we do know is that it was nice to see downtown Fort Wayne bustling on a Saturday night and that we like seeing the view of the city skyline from the park. Also, we were never tempted to see a game at the previous stadium but the new park got us there during its inaugural season and we'll probably go back.

The Tincaps insignia on the scoreboard. The name refers to Johnny Appleseed who spent some time in Fort Wayne (and evidently wore a cooking pot on his head or that at least has become part of the legend).

Team mascot Johnny:

The Zooperstars were the special entertainment for the game. This is Peyton Manatee:

Shark McGwire:

Clammy Sosa devouring a player:

Harry Canary singing during the 7th inning stretch:

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