Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh we wish we could be in Chicago on Saturday for Dusty Groove's first ever sidewalk sale. Per their email:

"We'll be offering some amazing merchandise for that one day only -- lots of vinyl and CDs that we've never offered to the public before, all at special prices for the event. This is stuff we've had in storage for quite awhile, and have never got around to putting out in the store -- most of it first-rate merchandise, just material that doesn't always fit the styles we sell in the store -- which means that we'll have some extra-cool records that you won't find everyday
-- assorted odd artists and genres that should make the sale an amazing musical event. We've got weird Brazilian titles, lots of indie-label releases, unusual Latin, offbeat Now Sound, vintage Vocals, sealed Soundtracks, long-lost 12" Singles, Funky 45s, and lots more great bits -- all in really good condition. These titles won't be junk at all -- just the sorts of things we've picked up over the years because they were cool -- but which we've never got around to putting in the racks. For this one day only, we'll be selling them at some very low prices -- and after that day, they'll be put back in storage, and not offered in the shop."

Sigh- it sounds really cool if you have an opportunity to be in the Chicagoland area this Saturday, August 15th.


baikinange said...

"Weird Brazilian titles" is my favorite thing, so I'm heartbroken I can't be there either....I'm sure it'll be a mob scene, tho.

WYA! said...

We thought that looked like something you would enjoy too. Maybe next year...