Friday, August 21, 2009

Scenes from... The Indiana State Fair

We have to confess, we don't go to the Indiana State Fair every year. This year however, Mrs. WYA! wanted to go and get some images that she could get artsy with and eventually add to her available selection of cards celebrating Indiana. We took advantage of the Indianapolis Star's free Fair admission coupon and checked it out last night. Lucky us- it turned out to be one of the most lovely evenings of the summer; the humidity was out of the air, there was a dreamy breeze, and the sky was the most beautiful color of blue with puffy white clouds. We hope that these pictures practically make you smell the fair food in the air, hear the happy screams from the midway, and either bring back good memories from fairs you've attended in years gone by or, get you to go visit this one during its last weekend.

You never know who or what you will see at a State Fair. We stumbled upon MC Hammer belting out some tunes:

We didn't go see all of the animals but the pigs are a must-see for us:

Here's Champion- "World's Largest Boar":

The Midway; the stuffed bananas and monkeys are cute but the stuffed money isn't so heartwarming:

We think that if you didn't know this was a shot from a midway you'd think it was from an oil field or something like that:

The Food; corn dogs in the sky:

While we wished that the bacon was more crispy, the chocolate covered bacon was oddly good.

Not a signature dish for Indiana, but this was a fine Philly Cheesesteak sandwich:

We love the art deco buildings at the fairgrounds:

Inside the Pepsi Coliseum:


Jen Fu said...

Hi guys

I'm so glad you guys are still blogging. Loved the photos. I took almost exactly the same photo of that weird dragon ride. I did NOT care for the chocolate covered bacon, myself.

WYA! said...

Oh thanks Jen Fu- yea, that bacon was different for sure. :-)

Eternal Lizdom said...

If you feel so inclined, I've been blogging this week about my 2 days spent at the Fair. I even gave a link in one post to the pics I took with my good camera on Tuesday this week- some great shots, if I do say so myself!

WYA! said...

Nice pics Eternal Lizdom, thanks for telling us. You reminded us that we needed to add you to our Noteworthy blog links.

Rebecca said...

Great pics! Stumbling on MC Hammer is too good for words.

WYA! said...

Thanks Rebecca- so glad that you join us in the appreciation of the campy value of that. :-)

nora said...

I think we must have been standing right next to each other for the MC Hammer show. I blogged about the State Fair every single day for NUVO - it almost killed me!