Monday, November 16, 2009

Indianapolis Winter Farmers' Market

Tasty treats from Lena's:

We went to the first day of this season's Indianapolis Winter Farmers' Market along with what seemed like the rest of Central Indiana's residents on Saturday. Since Cityoga is in the spot it was held in last year, it has new digs at The Chatham Center at 901 N. East Street (if you know where the big Red Cross building is, it is just behind that). They seem to have more space there and it is a good thing because it was quite busy. The main reason we went on their grand opening day was because we were getting dangerously low on our last Willowfield Lavender candle and we read on their website that they would be there. Sure enough, they were set-up right outside in front of the building and had a new scented candle but we had to go with the original that we love. We perused the market and picked up a couple of goodies from Lena's Mediterranean Kitchen. We've never heard of Torsita's before but we figured how can you go wrong with spinach and feta wrapped in a phyllo dough spiral and it was delicious. We also had some deliciously spiced sirloin in dough (we think was a bureka) which was also quite good. Judging from the crowd and the enthusiasm, it looks like the market will have a successful season.

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